Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Inspiration Behind Google Chrome's Logo

This is not my original material. I found it in an email forwarded it to me. The owner of this material (not me) holds the copyright to it.

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The Inspiration Behind The Logo Design of Google Chrome

Visit Us @ www.MumbaiHangOut.OrgThis may be just another coincidence but there are some elements that seem to be common between the logo designs of Google Chrome and that ofThinkFree.
It's not the official Thinkfree logo but is part of the installer that ships with the desktop version of Thinkfree Office 3.

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Philipp Lenssen and Flickr members have come up with these illustrations to hint that the inspiration for Google Chrome logo may have come from Simon and Pokemon.
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Earlier, Harry McCracken wrote about some similarities he found between the logo design of Google Chrome and that of Windows Vista - "No, the Chrome and Windows Vista logos are not true twins, but they're both round and shiny, with the same color scheme–red, green, yellow, and blue."
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Am sure these all are mere coincidences but the Thinkfree designers probably aren't too happy about this and have made a 'parody' video on how the Google Chrome logo was designed.

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  1. Google chrome logo is always look awesome because of its color variations.