Friday, March 8, 2013

So it seems

So it seems it really isn't possible for some things to come about,
it suddenly seems that anything is possible could just be a slogan you shout,

So I ask do we get old because despite bleeding every time we fail to chain our dreams the next time around,
Or do we age because we've used fetters so heavy they cost us life but save us pain and self doubt,

So they wished me well by insisting I don't count the chickens before they come out,
but isn't half hearted love like the hat from which the rabbit is pulled out,

So I was asked why I was given a heart so stout,
Now I know it is so because it must last a lifetime of rout,

So I have decided that from this eternal test I will not bow out,
if God could make a beautiful flower once then surely he could make it again is my prayer devout.