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Khawaja Mere Khawaja - Correct Lyrics - English and Urdu with meaning

Here are the CORRECT lyrics to Khawaja Mere Khawaja from Jodhaa Akbar.
To read an extensive review of Jodhaa Akbar and also about some of the historical aspects click here

Most of the lyrics available online for Khawaja Mere Khawaja are wrong. Atleast that's what I feel. Without talking more about them I present what I think are the correct lyrics in Urdu, transliterated English along with the basic meaning. I have also given the basic meaning of certain Sufi terms used in this song.
Khawaja Mere Khawaja

Transliterated English (with meaning of Khawaja Mere Khawaja)
Khawaja Ji - exalted Khawaja
Khawaja Ji x 2
Ya Ghareeb Nawaz - O benefactor of the Poor (also the most popular epitaph of Hzrt Mo'een Ud Deen Chisti)
Ya Ghareeb Nawaz x 2
Ya Mo'een Ud Deen x 2
Ya Khawaja Ji x 4
Khawaja Mere Khawaja - Oh my khwaja
Dil Mein Sama Ja - reside in my heart
Shahon Ka Shah Tu - you are the king of kings
Ali ka Dulara - dearest of Ali
Khawaja Mere Khawaja
Dil Mein Sama Ja
Shahon Ka Shah Tu
Ali ka Dulara
Khawaja Mere Khawaja, Dil Mein Sama Ja x 2
Beqason Ki Taqdeer- the fate of the unfortunate
Tune Hai Sawaaree - has been restored by you
Beqason Ki Taqdeer, Tune Hai Sawaaree
Khawaja Mere Khawaja
Tere Darbar Mein Khawaja- in your court O Khawaja
Noor To Hai Dekhaa - shines the eternal light
Tere Darbar Mein Khawaja - in your court O Khawaja
Sar Jhukatein Hain Auliya - even the nearest to God bow down
Tu Hain Himal* Wali Khawaja - you are the carrier of those nearest to God
Rutaba Hai Pyaraa - your rank is most craved
Chaahane Se Tujhe Ko Khawaja Ji - desiring you is the path
Mustafa Ko Paya - to attaining perfect humanity (Prophet Muhammad)
Khawaja Mere Khawaja
Dil Mein Sama Ja
Shahon Ka Shah Tu
Ali ka Dulara
Mere Pir Ka Sadaqa x 2 - my master's charity
Hai Mere Pir Ka Sadaqa- it is my master's charity
Tera Daaman Hai Thama - i clutch the hem of your robe
Khawaja Ji Talee Har Bala Humaree- our miseries have disappeared
Chhayaa Hai Kumaar Tera - your beneficence wraps all
Jitna Bhi Rashk Karen Be Shak To Kam Hai Mere Khawja - no matter how much jealously your blessings on me may create in others it does not matter
Tere Qadamon Ko Mere Rehnuma Nahin Chhodna Gavara i cannot fathom abandoning your presence
Khawaja Mere Khawaja
Dil Mein Sama Ja
Shahon Ka Shah Tu
Ali ka Dulara
Khawaja Mere Khawaja
Dil Mein Sama Ja
Shahon Ka Shah Tu
Ali ka Dulara
Khawaja Mere Khawaja
Dil Mein Sama Ja
Khawaja Mere Khawaja Dil Mein Sama Ja
Beqason Ki Taqdeer, Tune Hai Sawaaree x 2
Khawaja Mere Khawaja
Dil Mein Sama Ja
Shahon Ka Shah Tu
Ali ka Dulara Khawaja Ji …
*Himal– this word maybe “Unal” or maybe “Himal” or maybe "Hinal" or maybe even something else. It is difficult to ascertain right now.
The following terms / concepts have special import in the Sufi lexicon (Tasawwuf). Please keep in mind that these are very basic, and in some sense simplistic, definitions.

1. Khawaja – A special exalted Sufi master who has attained a very high level in the Sufi heirarchy. Usually a term associated with the founder of a Sufi order and his nominated successors. Eg- Khawaja Mo’een Ud Deen Chisti Ghareeb Nawaz, Khawaja Nizam Ud Deen Auliya Mehboob Illahi, Khawaja Salim Chisti.
2. Sama – Although here “Sama” is the imperative form of the Hindi / Urdu verb “Sama Jana” which means to occupy or reside in something, there is another association which I can establish with the inclusion of this word in the lyrics. Sama is also the word for the mystic trance sessions which Sufis all through the world partake in as a means of coming closer to God. It comes from the Arabic word Sama’ which means sound and these Sama sessions always have music and songs such as Manqabats and Qawalis in them. The lyricist for Khawaja Mere Khawaja may or may not have worked on this line of thought but I do construe a secondary meaning to “Sama” in the song.
3. Ali – Cousin and Son in Law of Prophet Muhammad. Almost all the Sufi Khawajas trace their roots back to Ali and through him to Prophet Muhammad. Khawaja Hazrat Mo’een Ud Deen Chisti has a double relationship with Ali, through two of Ali’s sons: Hasan and Husain.
4. Noor – This is a very important Sufi term. It goes much beyond the concept of physical ‘light’. This is more akin to spiritual light passed on from God to Muhammad to Ali and thence to the various Khawajas who trace their lineage back to Ali.
5. Auliya – Auliya is short for Wali Allah ie Friend of God, a higher Sufi rank.
6. Mustafa – This is another name for Prophet Muhammad and can often be found in Sufi and Islamic devotional poetry.
7. Pir - An exalted Sufi, dervish, mystic, saint, babaji generally.
I could be wrong about many things and I would like to know if I am.

Just a little something I would like to add about this song. I think it's a type of Manqabat i Khawaja. Traditionally Sufi Sama' and Qawwali programs have had a sort of warrant of precedence which starts with a Hamad (praise to God), then Na't (praise for the Prophet Muhammad), then Manqabat (praise for Ali) and then Manqabat i Khwaja (praise for the founder of the concerned sufi order). In this case the founder of the Chistiya order in Hindustan being Hazrat Khawaja Mo'een Ud Deen Chisti, the Manqabat is for him and one can hear him being addressed as "Ghareeb Nawaz" (a very very popular epitaph of Hazrat Khawaja Mo'een Ud Deen Chisti). Another very popular epitaph is "Mehbob i Illahi" for Hazart Nizam Ud Deen Auliya one of the greatest Pirs of the Chistiya order.

Here are the lyrics of Khawaja Mere Khawaja in Urdu:
(if you would like the lyrics in a word document then please email me at harkabirblogs@gmail.com and I will email them to you)

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  1. Nice...Thanks.

  2. I am amazed at the way u have explained each & every word of the song. it is one of my favourite songs & i thank u for giving the right lyrics. However i feel that meaning of this line "Jitna Bhi Rashk Karen Be Shak To Kam Hai Mere Khawja" Which u have wriiten as "no matter how much jealously your blessings on me create in others it does not matter" is not the write meaning of the line. We need to check it or verify it with someone. But i am happy the way u have put down each & every word of the song with its meaning

  3. Thanks for your time and effort. It is great!

  4. Thanks a lot for the appreciation

  5. great work man!!!
    Really impressive!!

  6. i am happy i found the lyrics and meaning of the song...i really love this song.......

  7. warlord said...

    in the lyrics of khawja mere u write a term "himal wali" its not himal wali it's "HINDAL WALI" MEANS WALI OR MUKHTAR,SUPERIOR OF WHOLE HIND.
    April 17, 2008 3:03 AM

    This is probably right and does solve a major problem.
    Thanks a lot Warlord

  8. We wanted to depict this song in a school play and your superb translation helped us to get the right feel of it. Great job, may God bless you.


  9. Many thanks for your good wishes Pradeep

  10. Through this song...one can understand Khawja's love for ALI

  11. Greatest work from Rahman I believe...I enjoy this everytime...
    A.R.Rahman started his own blog. I believe http://www.rahmaniac.com is his blog...anyone knows more about this?

  12. www.rahmaniac.wordpress.com

  13. Thanks for the update Zener :)

  14. thanks for the effort...
    it helps know more....all the time.
    i wish to add some info to your word meanings list.
    the word "sama" comes from "al-samaa" which is the sky and "yasmoo" which is a verb meaning transcience. it points to unclutching earthly matters and aiming at more exalted meanings for being.
    the word "auliya" can not mean the "friends of God" because a sense of slavery to the deity is basic in islam. at best, the most exalted of the worshippers would only aim for and receive spiritual confidence and assurance from God...which makes him happy and productive. this is why they enjoy teaching and practicing their worship all the more... but the word "friends" can't be used at all here.

  15. Avid Reader Thank you for going through the post and also for your comments. You seem to write from a sincere heart which is always a great attribute.

    I will put down some of my observations in the following lines:

    Sama - Yes in Arabic there is a verb samaa سما which means 'to be high, raised, lofted, tall' and so on and so forth. The word (noun) for sky (and also Highest Heaven) سماوات comes from this root verb. However The Sama I speak of, is the noun derived from the verb sama`a سمع which ends with an ayn ع and not with an alif ا and means 'to hear'. Sama`a is a common Semitic root and has various shades of meaning related to the act of hearing.
    This noun sama` is a very common word from the Sufi lexicon and as a means of coming closer to listening to God is practiced by many sects.

    Here is a very brief introdction of the Sufi term Sama from the Nimatullahi Sufi Order

    Auliya – I did not write too much about this word due to a desire for brevity though I did want to write more. I am glad to have been presented this oppourtunity.

    The word Auliya أَوليا is the plural of the noun wali ولي which means friend, someone near, a neighbour, someone close, a relative, a helper, a supporter, a close associate etc. The words derived from the root Wali ولي all imply a close bond, a fiduciary relationship, extreme closeness, trust and faith.

    Wali specifically also means a man close to God, a saint, a holy man. The feminine of Wali is Waliya used for women who are close to God. Auliya, the plural is used for saints as a mark of respect.
    The word Wali is definitely intertwined into the fabric of Sufism. Hence in any standard Arabic dictionary you will find the word Wali Allah ولي الله (for saint, friend of God) and Wali as-Sajjadah ولي السّجادة (for the successor of a Sufi). One may refer to Hans Wehr's dictionary for example.

    I am not an expert in Sufism and nor am I initiated into Sufism. But I do know that Sufi terms though closely related to Standard Arabic words usually have more specific detailed meanings than in Standard Arabic. Take for example the word Dhikr ذكر. In Standard Arabic it means to mention, to remember etc but in the Sufi lexicon Dhikr means to chant the name of God in meditation. In fact Dhikr is a very important Sufi practice.

    Similarily the Sufi path to worship of God is slightly different from let's say orthodox Sunni, Shia or Ibadi Islam. Further there are many different Sufi paths not just one.
    It should also be mentioned that Sufi do consider their relationship with God to be one of love, servitude, obedience, everything and nothing. But I will write no further on this as I believe in syncretic worship and also in uniqueness of every human's relationship with the Master .

    We are splitting hairs over language and terminology whereas the truth is that spirituality and God can not be captured in words no matter how many millions of words may attempt to contain these.
    I would like to know more of your views on this and wish to stay in touch with you over this and other such thoughts.

  16. I looked for the lyrics of this song and its translation and found yours to be the most useful. I came across this song only recently (I don't watch much movies) and I wholeheartedly feel the same way as you that this is the best song that's come out in a long, long time. The spiritual energy of this song is so palpable and will touch the heart of any sincere devotee irrespecitve of religion. I found myself listening to it 20 times continuously!

    I do have a couple of comments on your translation though.

    The literal translation of Tere Qadamon Ko Mere Rehnuma Nahin Chhodna Gavara should be "Oh my master, to abandon following your footsteps is not agreeable". You have skipped the literal meanings of Rehnuma (master/guide) and Qadmon (footsteps) in your translation. Also with Chaahane Se Tujhe Ko Khawaja Ji Mustafa Ko Paya, you have changed the tense. The literal translation would be "by desiring/loving you, I have attained Mustafa". If you have any particular reason as to why you slightly changed these, I'd like to know.

    Regardless, you have done a great job. God bless you.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Dear RR
    Thank you for your kind words. I am really glad you found this translation useful and tasteful as this was always my reason for undertaking the translation in the first place.

    To answer your questions, while translating Khwaja Mere Khawaja I was vexed by the age old problem all translators have faced of having to choose between a literal translation of the text and a gentle uncovering of the soul of the words. I decided in favour of the latter and this I did because of two reasons:
    First, It has become increasingly easy to obtain word by word translations using tools available online.
    Second, I felt that I wanted to tinge the translation with my interpretation.

    The "Mustafa" translation is more out of a choice of style than anything else (though I have no substantial knowledge of style).

    Thank you once again.

  19. Possibly...

    Jitna bhi - how ever much
    Rashk Karen- ? Praise? Exaltation?
    Be Shak - no doubt
    to Kam hai - is less
    mere khwaja - my khwaja

  20. Yes possibly a much better and logical translation. I quite like it.
    Thanks for helping out in one of the toughest parts of this song.

  21. nicely and correctly written .. good job..

  22. Hindi Music Lover07 June, 2011 06:24

    Hi thank you very much for this great blog.
    Just a little remark:

    2. Sama: means in Arabic "Sky" ;)
    Hope this helps :)

    A fan from Tunisia
    (North Africa)

  23. Hindi Music Lover, thanks your appreciation.
    BTW do you mean السّماء (sky)? I think you do. Yes true it does sound like samaa. I have mentioned it in the form السّماوات. :)

    Hope all is well with you and I hope you talk to me more to teach me more Arabic.

  24. I saw the movie twice, and was looking for the lyrics to the mesmerising song "Khawaja Mere Khawaja". I found the correct lyrics AND the English transliteration as well. I also enjoyed your comments. Thank you.

    Ismail, from Malaysia

  25. Thanx To admin

    Daily i read 20 times this song

  26. Hello and Thank you for this review.
    I have watched the movie recently and had to see it twice more.
    It inspired me on many levels, primarily on a spiritual one.
    Thank you for your translations and comments as well.

  27. Thank you taking time out to see the post and for your generous words Eve :)

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  40. Thanks a lot and may Allah bless your mind and heart forever.

  41. Thanks a lot and may Allah bless your mind and heart forever.

  42. 'Sar Jhukatein Hain Auliya' , doesn't this sound a bit off, sounds more towards Shirk?

  43. 'Ali Ka Dulara -' how can Khwaja by 'beloved of Ali', if Ali came much much before him. Or, have I understood this wrong? Is there any spiritual meaning to this?

    Request reply.

    1. I think Ali ka Dulara does refer to Ali, the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad and yes Hzrt Ali lived around 600 years before Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz.
      Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz, as do many Chistia and other sufis, traced his lineage back to Hasan and Husain the sons of Hzrt Ali. Hence perhaps the term Ali Ka Dulara.

  44. I read all your explanation,,and its wonderful,,thanks for your great effort

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  46. Was going through every website...most lines I knew the meaning, some I didn't...but scrolling through most sites I found that every single one of them was wrong (as I could understand urdu and also knew the history of khwaja moinudheen)...but this page did justification...every line every word you explained clearly
    ..thank you

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  48. Hello brother! Just one clarification I would like to bring to your attention is that the word is ‘Hindal Wali’ meaning Head of all Wali’s/Saints in India. Also that is Khwaja ji’s another Laqab/Title - Hindal Wali. His main Laqab is ‘Ghareeb Nawaz’ n second one is ‘Hindal Wali’. Also he was sent to Hind/Indai by our beloved prophet SAW specially. Khwaja ji is both Hassani and Hussaini. That means he is Sayyed i.e from our Prophets lineage. Thats why he is called ‘ Aal e Nabi, Aulaad e Ali! Hope this mite be beneficial. Also you have very beautifully explained the other aspects of the qawwali/sama.

    Jazak Allah Khair.
    Zuber M. Haque.